Touch Biometrix is a rare startup on the biometric fingerprint sensor market, with major ambitions and a new approach to sensors based on proprietary technology and active capacitive thin-film transistor sensing arrays. The company is a fabless developer of capacitive fingerprint sensors, manufactured using thin-film transistors (TFTs) on glass or plastic, called TCAP® and is planning market entry in Q2 of 2021 with its first product offerings.

Touch Biometrix are delighted to announce that Robert Fee is joining the company as Chief Business Officer.
CEO Mike Cowin said “we have a world class background in thin film transistor technology and are now engaging the biometric market with our product offerings and we needed to bring in a seasoned biometric expert to drive this engagement activity. We are delighted that Bob has decided to join the team and lead these efforts.

Bob has decades of experience in the biometrics industry and his knowledge of the biometric market landscape will be invaluable to the business as we enter the market next year. We plan to launch a range of large area sensors that are slim in form factor, 508ppi, low power and most significantly, far lower cost than bulk optical solutions.

The end of 2021 will be an especially exciting time for the business as we intend to launch a FAP20 plastic 508ppi complete inlay solution for the biometric smart card market. With our large production partner and the scalability of thin film production lines we expect, over the following 24 months to establish a dominant position as cost of production is so low.
The complete inlay solution will be well below $10 which we believe will kick start the market into high growth.

Our new CBO, Bob has invaluable experience in the biometric smart card sector having worked previously for Zwipe and Next Biometrics. Our simplified supply chain for this sector enables even further reduction in cost of production.”

Fee said “I am delighted to be joining Touch Biometrix at this important and exciting juncture in the business. The technology is like nothing I have seen before and I am confident that it will shake up the biometrics industry as it allows us to address the entire worldwide market for both small and large area applications. High performance low cost sensors that can be any shape or size is an unprecedented product offering. The conformability and robustness of these plastic sensors also opens up a myriad of new product applications.

I’m also pleased to be joining such a strong team that have a very impressive track record in thin film transistor technology development and market delivery. This is how the company has managed to make such incredible progress in a relatively short space of time.”

About Touch Biometrix Ltd

Touch Biometrix was founded in 2017 and aim to become one of the top 5 fingerprint sensor solution providers by 2023. Touch Biometrix have developed of a new class of fingerprint sensor based on active capacitive thin film transistor sensing arrays for the biometrics industry. Based on proprietary technology and sensing algorithms Touch Biometrix have developed a range of fingerprint sensors that can be any size or shape, manufactured on plastic. This new range of sensors offer ease of product integration for a more convenient user experience with a wider range of products. This new range of slim form factor sensors offer a new standard in ergonomic sensor integration and most importantly 3D 508 ppi image detection that offers unbeatable security in use. Using a unique manufacturing model, the TCAP® range of sensors aim to disrupt the market with small to large area sensors that are superior in performance, form factor and also offer the lowest cost of ownership on the market.