Fingerprint sensors of any shape or size on glass or plastic for endless application possibilities. Glass based sensors with slim form factors and plastic sensors offering ease of integration onto 2D and 3D surface.

Combine these benefits with low power consumption, ruggedness, and fast sensor response  and you have a leading technology platform to meet the needs of todays and tomorrows market.

​The future of a secure, fast and frictionless user authentication experience is here!

Any size.

No more size limits

Using our proprietary designs and production techniques fingerprint sensors can now be as small or as big as the customer requires. Manufactured on existing thin film transistor production lines size, is no longer a limiting factor for fingerprint sensors. From FAP10 to FAP60 and beyond, we can make it and what’s more, it will offer the lowest cost of ownership on the market.

From FAP10 to 10 finger scanners we can deliver on glass or on plastic.

Touch Biometrix_One touch on mobile
Touch Biometrix_Any Size, Any Shape

Any shape.

Sensor integration made easy

Using our proprietary designs and production techniques fingerprint sensors can be manufactured on plastic to offer sensors of any shape allowing the coverage of 3D surfaces for the first time. Not only is this a leap forward for present day applications but also opens the possibility of a myriad of new applications for door handles, wheels, key fobs you name it.

This offers an unprecedented degree of design flexibility not seen before in the biometrics industry.

Touch Biometrix_Any Size, Any Shape

Low power.

Ideal for mobile applications

Using the very latest thin film semiconductor technology the power consumption is of Touch Biometrix is very low. Coupling this intrinsically low power consumption with our proprietary driving and scanning algorithms these sensors are very, very low power. In a world of mobile technology where battery life is king, this matters.

Regardless of the size of the sensor there is no impact on battery life so offering the end user the very best in battery lifetime.

Touch Biometrix_Low Power
Touch Biometrix_Super Fast


Rapid read rate

Using a combination of the latest in high mobility thin film transistor semiconductors and proprietary scanning and comparison algorithms…
our sensors are fast.

Using the latest in thin film transistor technology our sensors work the instant you touch, hold or use your device. Based on unique driving techniques the user experience in instantaneous.

No more slow scans, no more false rejections, one touch and you are in!

Touch Biometrix_Super Fast


Securty that cannot be equalled

One of the key barriers to mass adoption of biometric authentication is user uncertainty in the security of the biometric platform.

We have the answer…

Touch Biometrix’s sensors and scanning algorithms can simultaneously detect single or multiple fingerprint patterns in three dimensions. In addition two additional user biometric markers are also detected and compared. This makes our biometric platform unbeatable when it comes to security, offering every user complete peace of mind in performing online- & mobile transactions, no matter what the transaction value.

Touch Biometrix_Secure Technology
Touch Biometrix_Multi Touch ID

Easy integration.

The ulimate in design flexibility

Out with the old and in with the new…

No more tiny, rigid silicon sensors.
No more bulk optical scanners.

Touch Biometrix is developing cutting edge thin film transistor-based sensors that can literally be placed anywhere and everywhere. Sensors manufactured on glass offer large area scanners with a slim form factor. Whilst the ultimate in design flexibility is offered by sensors manufactured on ultra-thin conformable plastic. The TCAP Form range of sensor offer a sensor that can conform to almost any shape offering the ability to be easily integrated into a myriad of consumer electronic and smart products.

This offers the ability to place the sensor using the most ergonomic designs so offering the ultimate in an intuitive and frictionless user experience.

Touch Biometrix_Multi Touch ID

Low cost of ownership.

The lowest on the market

Using a thin film transistor-based manufacturing model, gone are the days of trying to squeeze ever smaller silicon-based fingerprint sensors from a wafer to reduce cost of ownership.

Using thin film transistor based ‘plate scale’ production the economies of scale are significant.  Touch Biometrix are set to disrupt the market by driving the cost per sensor down regardless of size to enable wide-scale adoption of fingerprint biometrics for the first time.

It’s time that biometrics is available for all, not just the few…

Touch Biometrix_Cost Effective
Touch Biometrix_Robust Technique


Almost unbreakable sensors

Our range of TCAP-P sensors manufactured on plastic are highly robust. Our in-depth of experience in thin film transistor manufacture on plastic secures that our films are almost unbreakable. Sensors manufactured on plastic are able to withstand 10,000 bends to a 1mm bend radius without any change in performance.

Ideally suited to applications that require a rugged from factor this offers the most robust fingerprint sensor on the market to date.

Touch Biometrix_Robust Technique


Detection of touch and pressure

Our range of sensors not only detect fingerprint patterns, they also operate as a touch and pressure detecting sensors.

This offers the possibility of additional dual functionality in applications for button and scroll capability.

A clear route to the reduction in complexity in the design and build of  products with biometric capability but also offers the  added value of increased functionality of products to improve the user eventual experience.

Ideal for hardware solutions such as trackpad- & computer mouse applications.

Touch Biometrix_Multimodal solutions