Our proprietary technology is disrupting the world of fingerprint sensing.
Fingerprint sensors that can be any size or any shape. Ultra- thin glass based sensor for FAP60 and larger applications. Plastic based sensors that are easily integrated into smart objects, mobile devices and biometric cards for a more convenient and secure identity authentication experience. And both solutions all at a fraction of todays cost.
What todays biometric market needs is a technology solution that is a more convenient and secure means of being identified. Touch Biometrix’s fingerprint sensors can be as big or as small as you require and now any shape offering a  world of integration potential.

We’re here to change the user authentication industry for the better.


Any size. Any shape.

Our sensors are reshaping the fingerprint user experience in more ways than one.

Touch Biometrix are industry leaders in the field of semiconductors, algorithms and product design. We’re a fabless supplier of a new fingerprint sensing platform that offers ultra-thin sensors than can be any area size on glass and any shape or size on plastic.

From FAP10 to FAP60 we have it covered on glass or plastic. In fact we can go beyond FAP60 for the first capacitive sensing technology to enable palmprint, five and ten fingerprint sensors all to FBI 508ppi resolution with a slim form factor module.

With proprietary thin film transistor sensing technology and a new market leading manufacturing model, Touch Biometrix are delivering a biometric sensor that offers ease of integration into an unlimited number of products. Even on flat or curved surfaces at a fraction of competing silicon based fingerprint sensing technology.

Learn more about the unique features of our range of sensors.

Touch Biometrix_Any Size, Any Shape
Touch Biometrix_Algorithms


Ultimate security in use.

Our suite of pattern recognition algorithms simultaneously detects single- &  multiple fingerprint patterns in addition to two additional biometric markers of the user. This offers users truly unbreakable security in fingerprint authentication for the first time. From the security of a financial transaction to the safety of a user’s identification data there is an immediate market need for a platform that offers unrivalled levels of security.

With an unbeatable level of security our TCAP sensors offer the user complete peace of mind in the use biometrics for safe and secure transactions of any amount. Our proprietary algorithms allow the scale up of the sensor to any area size without any effect on performance, power consumption of speed of response.

​All based on patented scanning and comparison algorithms Touch Biometrix range of TCAP fingerprint solutions offer the most secure, fast and frictionless user experience on the market.

Touch Biometrix offers the most secure, trustworthy platform on the market.

Touch Biometrix_Algorithms


Limited only by imagination

Offering fingerprint sensors of any shape or size on plastic or glass, we acces endless possibility of applications.

With no restrictions on the area, shape and placement of the sensor the user can experience an intuitive and frictionless authentication process for the first time.

Utilising a unique manufacturing model, Touch Biometrix offers a market leading cost of ownership price point with the unique added value.
This way we’ll open up the market to widescale adoption in a wider range of applications through unique form factors, not possible with any other technology on the market.

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