Touch Biometrix Limited, a worldwide leader in biometric fingerprint sensor technology, has successfully developed the world’s largestTFT based capacitive fingerprint sensor, using their novel Active Pixel architecture.

The TCAP60 (FBI standard FAP60) is fabricated by Sharp Display Technology Corporation, a Sharp group company and owns the world’s leading TFT display technology, on their renowned IGZO TFT based substrate as a result of a joint development effort between Touch Biometrix and Sharp Display Technology.  The high resolution sensor of 500 pixels-per-inch, captures the fingerprint patterns using a highly proprietary Touch Biometrix chip design – ROIC (Read Out IC) – ready to be shared with the application host system.

This represents the first time that Touch Biometrix Active Pixel architectures and high performance IGZO TFTs have been used to create a high resolution, low power fingerprint sensor. The Key Selling Features include:

  • Largest and thinnest capacitive fingerprint sensor in the world (FBI standard FAP60)
  • Scalable to any shape, any size
  • Rigid as well as flex / conformable
  • High sensitivity (signal-to-noise)
  • Lowest power consumption

Each TCAP60 device is available as a half module ready for integration into a customer end application. These applications include everything from mobile consumer electronics to secure devices for any of the security services.

Touch Biometrix’s CTO Eric Derckx says: “We are so excited to bring to the market this disruptive technology of fingerprint authentication, by using a novel Active Pixel sensing technology. This milestone couldn’t have been achieved without Sharps’ cooperation, its superior IGZO TFT technology and the facilities and processes Sharp has pioneered. TCAP60 is a fully functional and the largest TFT capacitive sensor ever made so far. Touch Biometrix decided to develop TCAP60, in FAP60 size and resolution as its first product, even if it is with the most challenging dimension within the FBI certified list, because we knew our technology had the full scalability to any size and we wanted to prove to the world Touch Biometrix’s technology is the one to adopt.”

Sharp Devices Europe’s Sales GM Jens Hoeper comments:” There is a huge opportunity out there in fingerprint biometrics and Sharp strongly believes in Touch Biometrix’s technology. I believe Sharp can play a pivotal role in bringing this technology to market, by leveraging from Sharp’s G4.5 TFT facility, its resources and the long experience in manufacturing.”

Touch Biometrix and Sharp Display Technology will exhibit the TCAP60 fingerprint sensor to a selected audience during the next CES show in Las Vegas in January 2024. For more information, please visit us at  or contact us at

PRODUCT VIDEO: Touch Biometrix – TCAP60