Touch Biometrix Limited, a worldwide leader in biometric fingerprint sensor technology, announces that it will be present at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas, USA on Jan 9-12. Touch Biometrix will showcase the company’s latest innovations of its TFT based capacitive fingerprint sensors, using TBL’s novel Active Pixel architecture combined with a leading IGZO TFT technology.

The TCAP60 (FBI standard FAP60) products are the world’s largest capacitive fingerprint sensors. The high-resolution sensors of 500 pixels-per-inch, capture the fingerprint patterns using a highly proprietary Touch Biometrix chip design – ROIC (Read Out IC) – ready to be shared with the application host system.

This represents the first time that Touch Biometrix Active Pixel architecture and high performance IGZO TFT have been used to create a high resolution, low power fingerprint sensor. The Key Selling Features of TCAP product family include:

· Largest and thinnest capacitive fingerprint sensors in the world (FAP60)

· Scalable to any shape, any size

· Rigid as well as flexible

· High sensitivity (signal-to-noise)

· Lowest power consumption

· Hard coat as surface protection

· Standard monochrome or full color background

The Touch Biometrix TCAP60 product family consists of:

· TCAP60 – Glass substrate based with typical applications: (Homeland) Security fingerprint scanner, government/police authentication, laptop fingerprint_sensor-touchpad live authenticator, others.

· TCAP60 FLEX – Film (flexible) substrate based with typical applications: Biometric Smart Card, biometric ID tag, laptop/PC curved mouse, wearable devices, others.

· TCAP60 COLOR – Glass substrate based with Color Filter, enabling an optional static color image for branding, logo, emoji, names, instructions, other image purpose. Typical applications are various consumer electronics, automotive, access control and others.

Each TCAP60 device is available as a half module ready for integration into a customer end application.

Touch Biometrix’s CTO Eric Derckx says: “We are so excited to present at the CES 2024 event a portfolio of TCAP60 products carrying innovative sensing technologies and providing a wide range of sensor solutions and features to OEMs and customers. We are inviting you and look forward seeing you in our demonstrator area. Doing so you can witness these new revolutionary products and discuss the vast solutions and opportunities that may arise”.

Touch Biometrix will be showcasing in a suite at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club Flamingo Hotel. In order to schedule a TCAP60 product family demo and meeting, please contact us at, so we can reserve and confirm your dedicated time slot. To learn more about Touch Biometrix solutions please visit